Assessment Tools and Methodologies

• Prima believes its assessment tools and methodologies are not merely to be used for measuring skill mastery, but also for improving student learning, teacher instruction, helping administrators allocate resources and policy makers evaluate efficacy of programs. We use all three forms of assessment
a. Diagnostic Assessment – Assessing student's knowledge and skills prior to training
b. Formative Assessment - Assessing student's performance during training
c. Summative Assessment – Assessing student's performance at the end of training

Training Infrastructure Design

Prima has developed standardized training lab designs for each of the trades. This includes standard lab layouts (including dimensions of the lab, elements of the lab, relative positions and distances between various elements, building infrastructure specifications including colour usage), list of training machinery and equipments and specifications, investments required, economics of lab usage.

Content Licensing

Prima has developed modular content for the three trades - welder that is compliant with National Occupational Standards (NOS). This has been developed with the help of industry experts and validated by employers. Each modular content is focused on training for a particular Qualification Pack (QP)