our team

Sangram Das

Sangram Das has degree in management and has the experience of workingacross an array of sectors, Sangram has been a serial entrepreneur in terms of having established and run companies across diverse sectors ranging from Infrastructure to Information technology. In the year 2006 Sangram out of his urge to do something for the under privileged created a model of employability based training which was instrumental in generating employment for a large number of youth. In his quest to provide jobs to the youth and employable manpower to the industry, Prima Competencies Private limited was established in 2013. Prima set for itself high standards of quality and worked in partnership with the Sector Skill councils to build capacity of assessors and capacity of processes. Sangram has been a thought leader and proponent of quality and replication of good practises. The company continues to harp on practises which are sustainable and ethical. Sangram is a great advocate of integrating technology and ensured that it forms an integral part of the operation at the inception stage itself.

Barun Barik

Barun Barik through his vast experience of working across areas like manufacturing, supply chain, has established his expertise in commencing and stabilizing operations. Barun has been grounded in terms of setting up and working with operational teams, Barun sets up teams and hand holds them till they reach their optimum output. Barun has run one of the largest skill development programmes where he has trained youth in Orissa and placed them across the country. Barun is a founding member of Prima Competencies Private limited and has been ensuring the integrity of process, protection of data and support to assessors on field. Barun runs the day to day operations, he has the ability to resolve issues and ensure that they do not hamper the efficiency of the organization. In addition his day to day involvement Barun has been ensuring that assessors are made comfortable and supported on a real time basis.

Kunal Ketan Misra

Kunal Ketan Misra holds a degree in Management and has been handling and coordinating with the clients. Kunal has been working with the company since its inception. Kunal has the right temperament and ensures the clients are comfortable dealing with him. He has been liaising with the sector skill councils to ensure that the process are complied with and the assessments do not have any deviations. Kunal has been perusing the councils as well as ensuring that the right kind of assessors are brought on board. Kunal has a complete understanding of the skill value chain has he has been involved with implementation of skill training in OP& HS Pvt Ltd. In addition to the above Kunal has a first-hand exposure to assessment as he has also been an assessor himself.

Kunal Trivedi

Kunal Trivedi holds a Masters in technology from NIFT and Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Kozhikode, Kunal has a unique blend of Industry and academia experience. He has worked with Arvind, K.G Denim, NIFT and other reputed organizations. His Tenure at IL&FS, TCS, and STAMP have helped him develop an all-round understanding of the assessment value chain. Kunal has extensively worked on Training and Capacity building of trainers and assessors. He has been a part of a team that integrated technology in training as well as assessments. He has built systems beginning from the need assessment process. Currently he is exploring building capacity in allied areas and reviewing the existing systems.